Sunday, August 25, 2019

Trump: Spiritual Teacher in Disguise

                                                                                                 written 18 August 2019
                                                                                                  posted 25 August 2019

            The challenge of unity perspective is the totality of inclusion: it's all in, no exceptions.  So how do I deal with Donald Trump as president?  In unity, we are one, and he and I arise out of the same creative, loving potential.  In the world, he seems the antithesis of everything I believe: working to destroy what I feel is the best part of our country.  A shift in perspective is required.  I recently discovered the writing of Patricia Pearce, excerpted here. 
            "With this presidency you may feel you are in the midst of a nightmare.  All dreams come in the interest of health and wholeness, including nightmares, which bring information so crucial and urgent that they scare us to get our attention. This nightmare offers us exactly what we need at this precise moment to grow and evolve as a species.  But first we have to be willing to look at what is happening beneath the contentious headlines to discover the deeper wisdom being offered us."
            "On center stage stands the character of Donald Trump.  If you take him at the literal level you may see him as an arch villain bringing out the worst in us.  But dreams don’t operate at the literal level.  They operate at the symbolic and metaphorical level.   They pretty much always turn the tables on what we assume to be true."
            "How is Donald Trump playing the role of a spiritual teacher?  First and foremost, spiritual teachers help us see and transcend ego, enabling us to shed the ego’s illusions so that we can awaken to the truth of oneness and our infinite nature."
            "The character of Donald Trump is showing me in unmistakable terms what ego looks like.  Although Reality is the complete oneness of Love, the ego is constantly bombarding me with fake news: separateness is real. This fake news creates an illusory world of fear, division, domination, and death.  To witness ego in such a caricatured form, my spiritual teacher is helping me see how ego seeks attention, believes that greatness rests on wealth, fame, and the ability to dominate, and perceives itself to be greater than others.  This gives me the tools I need to detect these same tendencies within myself so that I can begin to free myself from them, and shows me where it will inevitably lead me: into animosity, division, blame, exploitation, violence, suffering." 
            "Do I want ego sitting in the Oval Office of my own executive function? Only ego attacks.  If I allow myself to be duped into attacking my spiritual teacher and his followers with anger, ridicule, hatred, or blame, I have installed ego in my own Oval Office.  I am choosing to keep alive the fallacy of separateness and ensuring that the nightmare continues.  But if I can see through my teacher’s theatrical ego-charade to see the divine radiant Being within, concealed even from himself, then I will have learned what this nightmare has come to show me.  The fallacy of separateness fades away and the nightmare dissolves."
            "This nightmare isn’t just your personal dream, nor mine.  This is a national nightmare, a global nightmare, a collective dream.  The United States has long been the Donald Trump of nations, believing we are exceptional, and that give us the right to call the shots in all world affairs.  Is it any wonder that such bravado would evoke attack from others who are caught up in the ego’s illusory world of hatred, division, and violence?"
            "But what might happen if we were suddenly to realize that we are collectively under an egoic spell?  What if it suddenly dawned on us that only in dreams does greatness reside in riches and military might?  What if we suddenly woke up to the truth that our greatness lies in our inherent capacity to embody and express the Reality of Love?  Our collective dream would change in the twinkling of an eye.  We would understand that we are on this planet as an interdependent community of equals."
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            As we eliminate the egoic tyrant within ourselves, we reduce the support for the egoic tyrant currently in the White House.  That is the power of unity.