Sunday, August 2, 2020

GOP Is Infected With COT

                                                                                                    written 26 July 2020

                                                                                             published 2 August 2020



            Albert Einstein said, "Either everything is sacred, or nothing is," reflecting his understanding of the deep interconnection of unity reality.  Merriam-Webster's definition of sacred, apart from religious connotations, includes: "entitled to reverence and respect, highly valued and important".  Thus, unity perspective demands we revere everything, and everyone, as important and deserving respect.  Sadly, this is not the current state of affairs.

            America was founded as an experiment in democracy, an expression of unity connection, but the Myth of Separation runs deep in this land of rugged individualists.  We are currently experiencing the Myth shattering upon Unity Reality, a conflict long in the making.

             Capitalism has always been rooted in the Myth of Separation.  The fantasies of exclusive gain and externalized costs deny the sacred "other", sacrificing people and place for limited short-term gain to a diminishing few.  The rise of corporations accelerated this problem.  When the American economy peaked in the early 70's, corporate dogma shifted to define the only purpose of a corporation as "maximum fiscal return to investors".

            While both political parties were seduced by corporate cash and lobbying efforts, the GOP was the primary beneficiary.  Starting with Reagan, the GOP rhetoric shifted from "government of the people" to "government is the problem", making Republicans poor public servants.  The harvesting of the middle class began in earnest.

            Automation and export of manufacturing jobs have stagnated wages, while costs of health care, education, and housing keep rising.  America has one of the lowest percentages of voter turnout of all developed countries (53%), but we still have regular elections (so far!) and GOP policies are becoming less popular.  The party addresses this problem with strategic gerrymandering, voter role purges, voter ID rules, reduction of polling places, and acceptance of foreign meddling.  

            All that has been barely sufficient.  In two of the last three presidential elections where a Republican took office, they lost the popular vote, and in 2000 the Republicans on the Supreme Court had to intervene to sway the result.  As economic dislocation increases, Americans increasingly feel it, and populism grows.  In 2016, the corporate Democrats were able to deflect Bernie.  While Trump blindsided the corporate Republicans, they believed they could control him, and went along for the ride.

            Like a hostile corporate takeover, or a lethal parasite infecting a host, the election of Donald Trump gutted the Republican GOP, destroying any integrity, leaving only the Cult Of Trump (COT).  Using discord, corruption, and disaster, the COT's only goal is to increase the power and purse of a malignant narcissist, the extreme expression of the isolated individual, where nothing is sacred.  The COT has populated the executive branch with acting directors who lack any competence in their job, but manifest mindless loyalty to their leader.  The wreckage of the GOP in the Senate is complicit, but lacks any functional control over the COT.

            Then came Covid-19, an expression from Unity Reality, impervious to the Myth of Separation.  

            There are rules to unity reality, fatal to ignore.  Ignoring the rules, a person jumping off a 100-story building can believe they are flying, right up to the messy end.  However, by respecting reality, knowing the rules and wearing a paraglider, the same jump becomes a sport.

            When Covid-19 first emerged, it was ignored, but reality demands respect, and most humans around the world have learned the rules.  Lockdown to reduce transmission rates, test everyone and isolate the infected.  By following the rules, the pandemic can be managed, and the economy can begin to function again.  

            But the COT doesn't respect rules, never learns, and can't admit error.  China, with the world's worst infection early this year, had 34 new cases on a day when America under the COT had 33,031 new cases.  Incapable of dealing with the virus and the crashing economy, the COT sends federal goons to beat up and teargas citizens over graffiti. 

            When electronics crash, and no longer function as needed, pulling the power can often get things back on track.  Similarly, Republicans should be removed from power for a decade to purge themselves of their COT malignancy and find their principles again: honesty, integrity, rule of law, and respect for the Constitution.  Even then, the COT inflicted damage will take a long time to repair.